Most job seekers aren’t even aware of the fact that it only takes 6 seconds for you to stand out enough to capture that hiring manager’s undivided attention. Use that short time span wisely and make an impactful statement with Hilltop, a colorful while classy resume that pops.

Insert a touch of personalization by way of your favorite headshot, and let employers see what you look like. Pictures tend to make your creativity emerge in often cases. Good thing this template oozes with both distinction and originality.

Map out the extent of an impressive nursing background with the pre-formatted units you’ve worked in, ranging from intensive care, pediatrics, medicine, to acute care. If you’re not a CNA, it’s easy to swap out titles to reflect a different occupation.

Rule of thumb: Temp jobs look just as important as long term positions, so don’t be stingy when it comes to listing those facilities you had 4 and 6 month stints with onto your employment history.


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