It’s natural to believe using only two colors in your resume is an effective way to get you hired. And that’s understandable- minimalist designs depict a certain amount of class that leaves a lasting impression. But it’s not limited to just that.

As seen below, a template like Hilstone leaves enough space for all your company descriptions.

The gray hues embody a sense of elegance that would suit any internal position, promotion, or team lead role.

It’s filled up with line graphs – on top of one another – and displays the soft skill title between without any clutter whatsoever.

The sidebar part of the layout keeps a minimalist vibe, where you are able to dial in your areas of expertise and keywords they need to see.

You can also swap the existing company logos by right clicking on the picture alongside different job descriptions.

No matter what your goals are or industry you’ll be using it for, you’re welcome to download Hilstone for your job-landing mission.


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