A curriculum vitae is supposed to give hiring managers a quick rundown of your mission statement, key areas of strength, scholastic background, and technical skills. Houseful does that and then some.

Having a clean, polished resume is no doubt the best way to market yourself to potential employers or even for grad school applications.

…This design is a completely editable, gorgeous Microsoft Word resume and cover letter template. The pack comes in two .DOCX files, along with a library of hundreds of icons & graphic elements.

With Houseful, you are able to change the sidebar colors (or keep them the same) and obviously add your own interests and images.

Alter the opening statement to entice the readers with descriptive buzzwords, and to warm swatches:

Edit the data of the pie charts by right clicking. Excel will automatically open up and let you set the percentages.

Expand your amount of hard skills beyond what’s comes in the sample columns, then apply a photo filter to keep everything uniform.

Useful Tip: Listing an honest set of personal interests allows interviewers to get to know who you are before you even sit down with them. You may want to think twice before you start erasing those already inserted hobbies…


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