Sweet talking your way into the job you’re lobbying for is a praiseworthy characteristic to have, especially when you’re able to do it on the fly amidst a career change. But imagine being able to accomplish this on paper… through educating the interviewer with all the essential details of your illustrious career. Say hello to a template called Hubble.

Make the resume match your makeup and charisma by changing the timeline colors, key bullet points, font styles, and right sidebar background using the powerful set of design elements that come along with it.

The tan colored sidebar has an intriguing 3-dimensional border the runs from its top to bottom; using block typefaces that stand out in a snappy, enclosed transparent background.

Edit the job headings or edit the timeline content by clicking its corresponding hyperlink.

Before saving it, take a quick look at the language proficiency line graph. Don’t forget how long it takes to swap out this area’s heading… quicker than brewing up a cup of coffee.


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