Because this pack of templates comes with two different versions of the original design shown, Intercolumn contains six total word files made up of pairs of CV’s, portfolios, and twos cover pages with quotes down the left side to create the best impression imaginable.

(blue, gray, and tan version)

(black, gray, and white version)

The resume begins by showcasing your work availability along with a linkedin profile link in its header:

Next, we have the subheader, sized perfectly for an informative skills summary, or for a simple branding statement if you have little to no freelance experience.

It ends things off with a complete references section containing two prior bosses that are ready to say delightful things about you.

For computer science students, be sure to make your scholastic background the focal point of the body. And don’t forget to touch on which software knowledge you plan to build on—whether it be in your studies or the workplace.



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