Laredo uses huge custom icons, circular-shaped, to help label each section you opt to include in your resume. The download bundle has hundreds of other icons to choose from in the icon library folder.

Entirely formatted using multiple tables in word, this core-functional layout emphasizes your top seven core abilities.

Try to only list what’s relevant to the job you’re applying for. Change the coloring of the baby blue circles to red to change your proficiency levels:

Be sure to throw in as many keywords as possible into your about me section, particularly words relating to your desired industry… this is a clever way to get picked up by more applicant tracking systems, and ultimately getting you noticed.

Click on the inserted photo and replace it with one of your own favorites. If you don’t want to include a headshot, grab a logo or illustration of your choosing (sample images are also included in the library).

For additional sections, you may want to consider any certifications you’ve obtained throughout your career, any academic accomplishments—or, if you only have high school for education, it’s best to go ahead list any other training you’ve attended. Even if you didn’t finish the course(s), simply list the dates you attended. Some college is always better than none, most of the time.

If you decide to include professional references, do so in the second page of the blue sidebar to make it highly visible from everywhere on the page.


  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Customer Service roles
  • Administrative Assistants

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