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A pack of complete word resume templates that stand out for those seeking google jobs among other positions.

Loggia includes 2 pages made for a curriculum vitae and a separate matching cover page for beginners too.

The design is comprised of uniquely designed shapes inserted behind the text of the document, a charcoal colored name header, and a matching vertical line down the center that separates both of the page columns.

Fortunately, it only takes a couple of clicks (literally) to update its pie charts in word and throw in some action words to spice things up a bit.

A large name header with triangles is aligned perfectly down the middle of the upper border.


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3 weeks ago
rachel g


It allows me to finally fit all that content (without ignoring important details) onto one page! Also since most previous resumes had large sections giving detail about each company’s services with tons more text after description etc., it made finding info hard as heck trying pick out relevant information. “references” “job history”,.

3 months ago
christopher e


First off it makes me feel confident going into an interview because It doesn’t make sense to try explain why i left Big N. Second its just fun :DThe funky color scheme is also very eye catching 🙂 Able access from anywhere with zoom function’s are included at top right hand corner allowing fast viewing in full screen mode.

3 months ago
anne k


It saves me literally tons (like right now it is sitting at like 400x) with just one page to write from top-to bottom instead or 2 pages that look messy af.

4 months ago
kathleen s


I don’t like the defaults where every single line is a solid color, and the fonts are very basic. This makes it very difficult to identify which part of the page I’m on, and it becomes a very boring read.

7 months ago
delilah s


It’s focused. It has a good use of space. I like that it doesnt have a “fancy” design. And it’s based on a great template.

7 months ago
hattie g


I like how clean the design is. I like that it gives me tons of space to talk about my experience and education without making it look cramped. I like that it makes me look smart for finding the time and money to do this. I like that it’s a dynamic experience and will keep me current as my career evolves.

8 months ago
billy c


It is based on the excellent work done by u/amorebravekitten, who created an amazing resume based on the Harry Langsner Method. That is what got me started on my career journey in the first place, and this template does a great job of showing that structure.

1 year ago
carlos c


I hope it’s not too bold. I omitted the objective paragraphs in general because I find they’re kind of outdated.