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Resumes by definition should tell a lot about your life or ‘vitae’ as they say. And not just through the credentials you decide to include. This geometric, Microsoft Word-built resume designed with tables throughout the document is full of life and personality.

In this snapshot, for example, highlights a personal statement that can be edited as its borders and shading can be easily seen by viewing the gridlines of each cell as well as using buttons to apply borders. A yellow tinted sans serifs accentuates the headline text over a basic white background.

Liven up the work history timeline with company logos in place of dates to the right of each description area.

You can replace the software skills icons with other applicable icons in the template download pack as well. Or with ones you create on your own.

Insert your essential information, print and send to employers lucky to hear from you.

Highly Applicable Industries.

  • Data Analysts
  • Helpdesk Support Positions
  • Project Managers
  • Cyber Security



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2 months ago
chelsea b


It’s so minimalist–black and white only–and stands out from the background. because it’s a one-column design, it mirrors the way my professional life operates. I work in an agency, and my job is largely administrative in nature.

5 months ago
gary p


I re-used an existing font that is widely available and pretty easy to tweak. I minimized the space given to my work experience in order to emphasize my environmental justice work. Finally, in order to highlight my program achievements I put line items rather than quantifying each activity.

7 months ago
kristina m


Since I’ve been applying to a lot of more creative jobs, I’ve noticed that most people aren’t using templates with text. Since I’m trying to express myself through my work, I thought the creative type of layout would be a good match.