Looking to land an office job? Whether you’re a well-versed professional or applying for that first receptionist job, you can use Mantiger to bring the wow into the resume you show office managers.

All four pages stick to a navy blue and greyscale with cleverly made font faces in every part and use a transparent circular headshot. The photo can be easily swapped out for a logo of your choosing, naturally.

Don’t hesitate to get ideas by delving into the writing guide and sample icon library that comes with the pack.

From any version of MS Word, click any portion of the timeline to extend it or shorten it as you please. Same goes for the text boxes, all of which are preset in chronological order.

With the long list of professional skills used in the mockup, you can even make some more space to upload a barcode. How? Just explore word’s insert tab as instructed in the guidelines. Takes a few seconds.


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