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It’s time to set yourself apart from everyone else by showing off your core competencies with poise by choosing Meadview as your next professional resume. Good thing this is precisely what this template does.

Start by typing in your objective, relevant skills, and extracurricular activities by clicking any table cell and never forget to wisely show any employment gaps appropriately.

Change each pastel color, use alternative typography, or change the line styles of the borders from ideas you can sample at our enormous layout library.

Rearrange each timeline element with word’s shape outline gestures.

Type in all the information you’ll need and be prepared to blast off a ton of job apps.



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3 months ago
shirley e


It looks so nice and is simple to read. There are a few layers of text that are easy to read, without being too much. It saves a lot of space. And it lets me put my education on the second page so it doesn’t look so empty.

5 months ago
keith m


It saves me literally minutes from having to write out every single ridiculous thing that goes on in each job.

5 months ago
cedric p


I think the design is very clean and easy on the eye. because I use a non-traditional resume format, I don’t have to worry about my boring, long, non-affiliating resume getting noticed.

6 months ago
wilma w


It’s very clean / concise. Not many “we’ve got too much stuff on here so lets chop it down to 1 page” style presentations 🙂 The theme is totally non inclusive (i know.