Morsel is a resume that automatically brings out a ton of ingenuity in anyone. It’s first page, along with its sample letterhead page both share the same appealing header. Of course, you can edit and/or customize it further in microsoft word.

It comes with two specialized fonts that polish the design very well, along with a large bundle of 60+ vector icons that match the layout coloring and appearance.

Show off your marketing expertise by personalizing the branding statement, summarizing the positive qualities you possess, or go with a general objective and let your experience quantify your qualifications.

Give your social media links more style by adding a matching icon next to each hyperlink.

Decorative lines give this layout a classic look without taking anything away from its monochrome styling too.

Did you know Morsel comes with a large pack of 100s of monochromatic toned icons and vectors? You can easily insert and drop them into the design.


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