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As a receptionist you firmly comprehend the power of organization. Systematic tables, meticulously placed timeline points and leaving a generous amount of open space to keep things clean. So, if you use this rationale around the office, go with Natantia. Logically, it employs the same concept.

It’s a printable layout which manifests a classical vibe, currently featuring a clean background with shingle patterned fill effects for its main content, a tan and gold palette, custom illustrated 24 pt margin surrounding page frame, large initials enclosed within a hollow circle, and a behance qr code in the bottom corner.

You’re free to modify the timeline’s length, colors, rearrange its from-to dates structure, and even upload replacement monograms.

Generate a qr code and overlay it with the portfolio box for added flair.


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2 months ago
justin n


I didn’t want to make two pages of the same information since I’m trying to get into a position as an administrative assistant, and I heard that most people suggest one page for those types of positions. I wanted to highlight my foreign language skills since I come from a country that is heavily influenced by media and communications.

10 months ago
kiera s


No more rambling on about my responsibilities. It’s straight to the point and easy to read. My previous resume didn’t even have a header.