Astonish recruiters with your lively appearance and core competencies with Nevus.

It’s a custom made 3 page resume that has a recommendations page and a matching two-sided cover page.

If you’re a bartender, go ahead and replace the existing image for your own personal logo so the manager at the bar can see what you look like. Scroll through our sample verbs list, then pick and choose what power words are most readily applicable to your personality.

All of the text can be re-formatted to wrap in line with your picture too:

All dates are formatted properly along the right of the document with a cursive style font used for its headings.

Originally designed for photographers, this is a classy minimalist layout built for highlighting adobe suite proficiency levels through charts and boxes as seen below:

Drag the vertical line to the right to specify adjustments. Luckily, no fancy video or photoshop editing is needed to finalize everything. Any version of MS Word will suffice.


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