Nimble-Witted starts by listing your education at the top of its right table column. Often chosen by executive assistants and similar administrative roles, its a template that uses large headers above their respective sections.

It comes in two versions; the only difference being the availability box inserted into the upper-half of the main page’s header.

The graphics represent two primary areas of strength of your choosing; with bar graphs stacked on top of one another and pie charts placed adjacently:

Sift through the writing guide for instructions on how to edit the pie chart data in word. It only takes a few seconds, just right click and follow the edit data function.

As all core-functional CV’s should, it begins the second page by displaying your employment history detail; in this case we used two mirrored columns shown above to list your prior employers & position titles.

Swap out the bio area for a branding statement if it better suits you, or scratch that section entirely and toss in a quick summary of your qualifications.

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