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With its blooming sidebar on both pages, Nordic feels like a breath of fresh air that leaves an unforgettable impression when compared to other resumes.

It’s nothing to customize, and leaves you with a mindset that’s full of assertiveness, having knowing your resume is sure to be remembered.

Without ever allowing those transferable stray away from being it’s focal point, it’s overall versatility goes a long way to prove how employable you really are.

Right-click on any of the images to drop on a personal photo of your choosing as a finishing touch and you’re guaranteed to put yourself in the best possible position for an interview.


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2 months ago
steven e


First – the template is very clean, which is always a big turn-off for me. Second – since I’m trying to be less vague about the job, this cv follows the German resume guidelines very closely, which I like.

5 months ago
shannon e


First off, the blue is very eye catching – which I know is a big no-no on this sub.the columns are designed in a way that makes it easy to categorize information, which is a big pet peeve of mine (you can tell I’m a little frustrated because I can’t keep the cover letter straight).

6 months ago
lilyana t


I haven’t had a chance to make much change to the content of it, and that looks much nicer than the messy mess it was before. I feel like I have a cleaner design. Normally I have a bunch of bullet points which don’t look good with each other (objective & details).