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Nullo, an MS Word (2003 – 2016 + 365 version compatible) template using numerous tables, the cells of which include tons of vector icons to replace the existing section images in the draft:

The actual resume portion is 3 pages long – not counting the cover page with matching letterhead for those looking to paste in their cover letter verbiage.

Other styling characteristics the page layout are its visual custom watermark and the large page borders to accentuate the focal point of the resume body.

All of its tables are fully editable – feel free to add as many career achievements as you desire. Instructions can be found in guide included as well.

Circular shapes help stress the from and to dates of your job experience section.


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3 weeks ago
gisselle h


It looks clean, subtle, and punches well above its weight class.

3 weeks ago
joslyn s


It gives me a chance to show off some creative skills (drawing, graphic design, illustration, etc) in my resume.

3 months ago
denise b


It’s simple! No columns or shaded areas which can cause trouble if there is complex geography in places (like London) where you want to color coded etc.

3 months ago
erin p


It doesn’t have many graphic components (small text, little design). Third, it promotes a “human” style, which I like. Fourth, it discourages you from going more than one page. That being said, I’m happy to hear any suggestions you have to make my resume better.

4 months ago
paisley p


It saves me from having to fit all sorts words+spacing around in 12pt font that never looks right at home. And it keeps everything tenses sorted properly: Now instead of just being able write about what i’ve done/learned with bullets – which are technically correct anyway because they’re accomplishments, or explain how those experiences relate tot he industry.

5 months ago
albert b


I hope someone gave the advice to share!I have a background in visual arts and a background in admin. I am looking for an entry level position in visual arts (either as an assistant or assistant photographer), or something similar (like an artistic coordinator). Entry level is the goal.

8 months ago
karson g


I give my old resume these attributes: sad, clunky, and impersonal. My new one is much better – beautiful, and the type of cv I want to see. The first is the content.

9 months ago
bonnie p


It looks so friendly and friendly to the eyes. It’s a pleasure to look at. It’s clean and professional. It’s colorful and creative.