Omni Tables is a prime example of why our tastefully designed templates are the perfect solution for those who want an amazing layout. It’s orange accents accomplish two objectives at once:

1.) They underscore your certifications and competencies by adding a visual perspective to what’s important.

2.) They light up the outline by adding a level of creativity rarely seen by potential employers. You can’t help but appreciate the optics this resume provides.

Since all you need is beginner level knowledge of Microsoft Word, simply copy and paste your existing resume info into each designated section, and you’re pretty much ready to start sending it off to employers.

Omni Tables has a whole page full of various images to add a visual appeal to your skills, so just grab the graphics you want to use in your final copy and bam, good to go.

Simply copy one of the 3-D cylinder charts displayed on the last page and paste it into one of the abilities sections to complete your CV with that wow factor.


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