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Pregranite is the perfect resume for recent college graduates aiming to get a headstart into the starting point of their career. It lists your major and minor on top, followed by any summer jobs you held while in school in your intro example areas.

This fresh template will undoubtedly help you to emphasize your volunteer work, augment your bachelor degree with relevant coursework, and underline internships to top things off.

Make that impactful first impression freshers need by downloading this 2-pager and stand out among other new grads.

Minimal shading is used to fill each shape, which coincidentally act as upper, right, and bottom framework.



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1 month ago
lela d


It saves tons (this thing is 3 pages long) loads time ,because there are literally zero errors to squish. Also it makes me look like an *engineer* not just someone who answers phones.

2 months ago
ethan s


It’s minimalist, hasn’t lost the sense of hierarchy and organization that I like, and it looks very clean. I haven’t had a ton of success with online success, mostly because I don’t have a lot of content to add to make a stellar online presence. Plus, I’m a female in gaming, and that tends to get males completely uppity.

3 months ago
shirley w


It’s beautiful! Secondly (and more importantly), without knowing any Japanese at all, one can easily overlook grammatical issues / errors in our written English. Thus omitting them on your CV will truly make an impact towards proving that you come from someone who is diligent with their job application !Thirdly.

4 months ago
garrett s


It’s simple! No crazy columns or anything weird is happening!! Second: It offers me an opportunity to put skills that aren’t really relevant on work experience (that would make more sense as filler).

4 months ago
heather b


First, it is professional looking – not something you would usually see on college student resumes (unless they are applying to work at Columbia Records).

4 months ago
kayden g


Firstly it looks great in comparison to other templates which look ridiculous with color bars thrown all over them (this is not recommended as they tend make CVs hard/to keyword).

4 months ago
thomas s


The section for skills and abilities and stands out from the rest of the paper in a great way. Cool how it lets me to fit all the important info onto 1 page instead of the usual 3 pager (15 years of work history).

6 months ago
tara p


Love the fonts, icons, a little on the fence about the social media links + logos. This is so nice it doesn’t look like it was created in word, more like Photoshop or InDesign.

9 months ago
lorelei e


The main thing is that it is very close to a template I saw on here, without the personal info and with a better font. The text is also chronologically laid out, which is always a bonus.

1 year ago
jennie d


My old resume looked like a generic dumbshit that someone had put together, whereas this one looks professional, and suits my current and future career goals. Makes me want to puke.