Although Principled isn’t a resume template that initially appear to fit a lot of information, after taking a longer look at it you’ll see that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s often chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal, but for the loads of space it conveniently fits onto one page—for adding your own unique ideas—particularly the type of ideas that get your butt hired.

Here we take a closer look at its setup in word:

The beige-colored sidebar adds an element of elegance to the design, giving more than enough space for a lengthy summary of your qualifications, bio, about me, or just paragraph-long profile text if that’s your angle.

In each snapshot you can see where the invisible gridlines lie for the various tables… making up the majority of the format.

Below we see the cells dedicated to your skill-sets. For this area, arrow-shaped bar graphs are placed to give the reader a visual on what you do, and more importantly—how well you do them.

Next we see a few more core-functional aspects of the formatting, with two-columns splitting your starting and ending dates up from your previous job descriptions:

The resume’s body background consists of a classy shingle pattern, using different shades of beige that not only complements the left panel’s color, but also gives the document a beautiful texture when opened in word or printed out. Principled’s only perceived disadvantage is its lack of a volunteer work section, but all you have to do is replace the branding statement with it, or simply tack it onto your attached cover letter.


  • High School Students
  • Those with no work history
  • Internship applications
  • Business Analysts
  • Human Resources

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