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A yet another curriculum vitae template with a printable page color defined by dashed downward diagonal lines, and a visually pleasant qr code on the left. Its two pages can be edited in MS Word, and it comes with two exclusive fonts to be installed before opening.

If you don’t have pictures for your references, swap them out for respective company logos of each employer.

Zoom into the dotted circular border around the headshot… not bad!

Change the dates on the left to salary history if you want to hide those gaps in employment that you’re worried about messing up your resume.

Use a mix of futuristic fonts that come in the download to add an attractive element to the existing typography.



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2 weeks ago
rosemary r


It’s clean – something I’m really looking for in a new job. It’s simple yet versatile – something I’ve mentioned is a big priority for me. Plus it’s very “PC” and visually appealing. Lots of graphics and color, which I believe is a big plus when applying for a modern, Data Scientist type role.

2 months ago
lizeth p


I think the first and most importantly is the visual appeal it gives a resume. I have talked with my friends and other professionals in the field, and the majority of them tell me to remain in the background and keep the resume as is (background) as to not “draw too much attention” to ourselves in the resume.