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Named Reimpression because it’s exemplary for anyone in need of a quick rewrite of their CV, the fonts with real wording in the draft add to the completed resume… once all of this fluff text has been replaced with your own, that is.

It highlights academic accomplishments by listing education on top. The print ready files include the two page cv and an accompanying cover page with all matching editable styling attributes.

The artistic blend of sharp lines and two shades of baby blue, builds the persona of a strong applicant.

Switch the sample profile to an opening section reflecting your personality by selecting the appropriate text boxes.

Set your levels of expertise and computer skills by adjusting the big black dots on top of each horizontal turquoise line.

Never again sit there for hours re-formatting your summaries of achievements. Just paste and go.



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3 weeks ago
sanaa c


There are no lines that look like those weirdo TVs you see people wearing in pictures nowadays (those line patterns/brackets). It also makes cleaning up all your information much easier as each individual section has only one source to pull from instead needing many different ones sourced independently.

2 months ago
joan l


It’s clean, simple, and still professional looking. My previous resume was a mess, colorful and not “professional”. The new resume is a word-oriented/comma-oriented one, and I like that look.

2 months ago
kathy w


Primarily, I think the template itself looks very clean and presents me in a positive light. I think the template makes my job descriptions concise and accurate. Unlike many of my peers who use fancy words to cover the gaps in their job descriptions, I stick by the layout of my resume. Third, I can fit more of what I do into the resume.

4 months ago
pamela t


It is visually appealing as all good templates should be attractive even if different in style from what you are used to (I am an artist who tries hard).

5 months ago
mike r


It is very easy to read/follow; each line is easy to differentiate from the next, and the fonts are nicely chosen. Additionally, since each line is focused on a different skill, it is easier to follow what the recruiter is trying to get across.

6 months ago
braeden r


It saves me literally minutes compared to the old fashioned format (from Word), and it looks nicer overall (I think).

6 months ago
jose y


The columns are actually different colors than the rest of the template (blue, gray, and black), which I think is pretty cool.

9 months ago
louise p


It is more centered than my previous resume, which was basically just a list of work experience. I think this particular resume, with its more traditional layout, is more readable. The previous resume was just terrible. I didn’t think it was possible to write bad prose, and it wasn’t even that good in many cases.