Horizontally sized, multiple boxes act as distinctive section dividers. Between each box, headings with nicely spaced letters give each of Retro Canny’s 3 pages pretty clean typography.

Obviously initially made for experienced professionals because of the tremendous amount of space it provides, Retro Canny can be expanded to as many pages as you need, or shortened down to one page.

Listed first in the sample is a long summary of qualifications, where you can emphasize as many key points as you need to. Take a look at the red outside borders, matching it’s corresponding heading:

While maintaining it’s core-functional formatting, the template switches from an eggshell backdrop to a white backdrop to provide further contrast and distinction between sections.

If you have a degree in progress, under current education you can use the same wording as shown in the sample above. Don’t forget to specific the amount of college credits you’ve obtained thus far, along with your major and minor if you’ve declared already.

(The mock up’s amount of work experience made the overall CV run to three pages in the sample shown above, however most who have used Retro Canny tend to end up using substantially less than that.)


  • Teaching Jobs
  • Those with Higher Education / Multiple Colleges
  • Nurses
  • Dental
  • Pharmacists

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