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Semipious, a minimal two colored cv template characterized by dark horizontal lines for its printable page color is a clean resume that you can easily edit in all versions of word to your needs.

(Letter of recommendation sample included)

A text box for your date of availability is accurately displayed on top of the education section.

The concise educational background part is typically used by those with only a high school education or GED, since there isn’t much to write.

Fill in an alternative objective quote than the sample verbiage provided in the download. Find one from the hundreds that can be copied from the headline quotes library.

Extra lines were placed into the job descriptions to plug in your salary expectations. Never sell yourself short, and never blurt out small numbers.


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2 months ago
gerald n


Virtually everything is black (except maybe one item in red), similar to how minimal your profile will be too if you choose Black&Red as Your Profile Color.

4 months ago
johnny b


My old resume was just walls of text, and most of the people reviewing it didn’t read any of the actual text. This cv template lets me tell a story with my resume, and let the hiring manager decide whether they want to read paragraphs of my experience or focus on the skills and competencies I have listed.

5 months ago
dorothy j


Virtually everything is black (you can’t see that from here), which while being extremely effective at controlling white space in your CV/Resume makes yourself effectively invisible to HR systems without changing too much about how you look.