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Make a lasting impression on the cats and dogs in the kennel with this simple, skills-based, professional resume we call Sonora.

The color palette of skin-toned pink and black bold text gives the CV a sense of professionalism that can’t be bought… under normal circumstances, that is!


Wisely chosen shape outlines filled with matching a matching color scheme highlight the what’s what of your community service history.

Add your first name initial to the enclosed circle on top, and edit the rest by clicking on its respective text area.


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1 week ago
ethan j


Reasons , I liked the minimal text vs. font & size design choice. Reasons , I believe it makes my resume stand-out from the rest of the pile. Reasons , it’s clean. I don’t have a block of text that doesn’t communicate something.

2 weeks ago
immanuel r


Reasons I think this cv is the way to go, from the positive effects it will have on my life, to how cool it looks. Number one, it’s clean. My previous CV was a mess, full of old irrelevant stuff, and it wasn’t even formatted.

3 weeks ago
jefferson d


It looks clean, simple and is visually appealing. It beats the heck out of my old resume which was a exact copy of my LinkedIn profile, for me at least. It gets me in the door faster and sells me to potential employers quicker which in turn leads to them wanting to talk to me.

4 weeks ago
jaylan s


I don’t like how saturated it is with color, and I feel like that colors aren’t very relevant on a resume. I’m also concerned about my font, and whether it is hard to read.

2 months ago
malachi h


It makes it super easy to fit everything on one page. Fitting everything I apply to on one page is tricky business, since I have some experience that I want to highlight while avoiding excess. I don’t have to fight the template against being ATS friendly.

3 months ago
joan j


The first is its simplicity. No more crazy columns or fancy formatting. Its very readable. The template allows me to position my work experience section in reverse chronological order, instead of the usual up-to-date-most-recently order.

3 months ago
isai c


I think the main thing is that it looks so clean – a lot of current resumes look like sh**. It’s a personal project of mine, inspired by a post on here, and I think it’s great.

4 months ago
summer l


It looks clean, free from excess stuff, and has a nice consistent template. The first time I used this template my girlfriends reaction was instant positive, I got 22 job offers the first day using this template.

5 months ago
lewis w


My old resume was very basic, no surprise there. My first problem was the job description. It was too generic. No surprise there.

5 months ago
talon a


My old resume was very boring, and I think it may have been hindering me from finding a job. I had to put many, many accomplishments on my old resume because I had so little to show. My current resume, on the other hand, is very clean and straight to the point.

5 months ago
rodney f


I’m looking for a job in marketing (in the UK at least), so the template is tailored.

6 months ago
aydin p


First off, it’s very easy to read (a plus when you’re used to reading corporate CVs).

6 months ago
phillip m


First – tabbed design. I think it’s great that you can control how your sections are grouped.Second – custom fonts. Again, I think it’s great that you can control the font styles, sizes and colors. Again, it looks so clean and professional.

6 months ago
jimmy m


It looks so fresh and clean, and it’s so professional. It’s a win-win for me: I don’t have to do a resume all by my self (trust me on this one), and it looks great. Plus, as I’m currently unemployed, a nice, clean resume is a great thing to have on hand.

8 months ago
alden b


It looks so clean and crisp, and it’s so professional. The colors are bold and nicely complement the background. It’s easy to read, and the text size is large and spaced out well. Most importantly, it looks good. I think I really like it.

11 months ago
diya p


This template makes it very easy to show a consistent look throughout your resume, and because all of your information is right there on the page, it reads very naturally. This cv template is very easy to edit–a godsend when trying to adjust my style of resume.

1 year ago
michael s


It looks so neat–I didn’t even care that it was created in InDesign because I’m not a pro, and I’m way too early in the process for that anyway.