While you’re on the job hunt, there are no short cuts. It often requires immense discipline and persistence. But sometimes you can make things a heck of a lot easier on yourself, and present yourself in an impressive fashion along the way. That’s where a resume template like Studious steps in.

Studious is a minimalist outline, obviously due to its minimal use of graphics and subtle accents. It comes with a basic cover letter, with matching typography and a tinted sidebar for your contact information.

Here is how you add thick borders to each table:

Just scroll the the line styling options, pick a color, select a width, and you’re off and running.

Starting off with an extensive skills summary, this ms word template credits much of its visual appeal to the font faces used. They go well with its yellow matching icons too.

It’s inner borders provide good separation between the body and left column content, especially on the second page where your personal references are listed.

Some pros and cons:

A core-functional resume like this is best for a person who knows when to use it.

Con: Primarily because of the fact that core-functional resumes should be partially if not mainly skills based, it is not well suited for those undergoing a career change.

This 2-page template can be tailored for any position, but is highly recommended for:

  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Nurses
  • Externships & entry level positions
  • Research Assistants
  • Other hospital jobs

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