With basic use of evenly sized tables, Symmetric Rubric accomplishes two important things necessary on every resume. First it shrinks down your job profile into short, key phrases. Next, it formats your set of of relevant skills into stacked rows of filled in rectangles for a splash of visually stunning highlights.

An independent table containing eight horizontally aligned graphs, intended solely for describing what you’re capable of in your respective field:

Quick Tip: It uses chronological ordering for your job history, but if you have any employment gaps, you can leave out the dates of employment and replace them with hours worked per week.

Add additional shading, borders, or re-set existing alignments through word’s table properties.

Unlike other word templates, it lists your professional summary on the bottom the right column… which is big enough to fit up to 4 or 5 sentences:

With plenty of remaining space for community service and other volunteer work, you can play around with other core achievements you’d like to showcase.

Since this layout is made in a highly creative, core-functional format already, you’re able to simply fill in the hobbies & interests that best describe your personality.

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