This one page, core-functional outline is optimal for anyone looking to get straight to the point. The body is formatted into 3 sections, using tables to make your content completely ATS friendly, concise, and efficient.


Using methodically crafted tables, Watchful packs over 700 words onto its first page, leaving ample space for 5 rows of key skills to complete its core-functional format.


A pack of clean multi-page curriculum vitae and cover letter templates – Cliftonia is super straightforward, has minimal borders, with a concentration on clear headline typography that makes your name definitely stand out.


Amid all the prototypical professional resumes, use one that’s ATS friendly and uses sleek styling without sacrificing fuss with applicant tracking systems for your keywords.


Not only will the autofit tables of this template make it’s content easily picked up by applicant tracking systems, but so will highlights your honors as a young professional.


The ATS friendly formatting lets you swiftly customize this design to your own taste whether its preferred colors, font styling—you can even incorporate self-employed characteristics it that suits you better.