This modern, trellis pattern turquoise resume fits a whole lot of information, called Zion with a triple colored header is likely the right outline for anyone.


Polished two-columned outline often chosen for its classy appeal among designers and students. It’s header is like no other, with thick borders that enclose half of your square headshot.


This simple set of business cv templates come in four identically outlined word documents. Cumulatively, Casper includes international experience images, a neatly placed qr code in the bottom left corner.


Easily tailored to use with job apps in any industry, each template is endlessly customizable, downloaded in a well organized bunch of doc files, coming in two varying color schemes.


A gigantic header is a great way to make your name known to hiring managers. Whitetail’s stylistic variants feature large initials for your name, as well as clean typographic elements dispersed throughout its 3 pages.