The Tennessean is truly a breath of fresh air for any aspiring real estate agent… plus any employer who reads it!

Now if we’re going to be honest here, most word processed resumes don’t really do a good job of selling you as the next best realtor. Hell, they barely can market you to firms the way they should. All that has changed with this flawlessly formatted resume and cover letter word pack—created in ms word and specifically for ms word—it’s a new, dynamic way to brand yourself in today’s competitive housing market.

After uploading a circular photo of your face, you can then play around with the white name headline attached to it for another creative spin to this CV, and let your key relevant skills prove how employable you really are.

…We all have unique personalities, right? But how are they going to notice yours? That’s the real question.

Your skills for inside sales should be in the emerald green sidebar if you want to add that tinge of confidence that all face-to-face salesmen (and gals) should have underlined. The mint subheadings are a refreshing aspect of the body, because not only does it fit a lot, but it makes your executive summary bust out of the page.

Using a resume with a qr code in it can be beneficial in more ways than one. For one, it allows potential employers to instantly see your qualifications on their mobile device instantly. If you’re someone who is active on linkedin, you can appreciate the value in that.

For finishing touches, make the skill sets area shapes smaller, resize the heading text, and check the icon library to determine if there are more areas of improvement to build upon.


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