An effective resume is one that not only makes an impression, but also shows  your future employers a true glimpse of how valuable you can be to their company.

Tenuous Delight uses a turquoise sidebar for your section headings, with an engaging 3d pie chart for four key skills giving an otherwise text-dense design a modern feel.

The vector illustrations have percentage marks on them, against a raised silver background for grabbing hiring manager’s attention. Leadership qualities can be a good or bad advantage depending on whether its your first job with a new employer or not. Since the sample professional summary is listed second, writing a quick overview that highlights your credentials is recommended for multiple jobs.

Include your name initials in the upper right corner within the box with patterned borders. Followed by an employment table, the meaning of which is for your work history, minus descriptions of course.

Recommender for those in:

  • Instructional Design
  • Engineering
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management

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