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The Stanford is a contemporary professional resume set including good-looking elements that make it truly stand out; 56 circle icons, three custom adobe fonts, double sided personal business card, and a matching letterhead page in a separate word file.

Along with a completely printable structure, the since the body is mainly comprised of an enormous work of history section, it’s certainly an ideal style option for long resumes. The second page’s body can be used as a dedicated reference sheet, or a lengthy education section if you like.

Contact details are framed within a medium sized border, partially opened on the top line. The sidebar itself is unique. It utilizes a textured background as well, going perfectly with a black and white picture of your name. Diamond-shaped bullet points are present throughout all of the pages.

Added business card template too:


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2 weeks ago
robin t


I’ve had resumes professionally written before and usually just minor tweaks can be expensive, this looks better and its only a few dollars. Cannot complain.

2 weeks ago
laura j


It’s clean, simple, and yet still impressive for a professional level resume. My previous resume was a bomb-ass monster with a list of tons of random information and I’m glad that I stripped it down to the bones of what it actually contains.

1 month ago
alondra n


I think the color scheme is creative and eye-catching. It’s not “boring”, and is definitely not bland. It also helps that my resume will only be seen by ATS, which in the case of federal jobs is SUPER important.I tried to be as concise as possible, while still detailing things.

2 months ago
talon m


It is modular. Meaning you can mix and match the contents to fit your needs based on the industry you are going into. It is easily editable. By default it has just the education part. It is ATS friendly.

2 months ago
gia m


I don’t like that red color that is creeping up on the page. I feel that it distracts from the resume’s overall appearance. lacking.

4 months ago
katelynn s


I got rid of the headings, and put a branding statement/summary at the top. Lastly, I wanted to show that I have some relevant professional experience, even if it is not directly related to IT.

5 months ago
guadalupe j


I’m concerned that my old resume resorted to big, wall-of-text style writing. Not sure if this is a good idea when applying for low-skill jobs. I’m concerned about companies thinking I’m some random guy with a PhD in computer science when I’m much more qualified as a practical electronics engineer.