Need to fit a whole lot of work history, multiple degrees, or a long list of your areas of expertise all onto one page? Upstart accomplishes this in a trendy way, adding a little oomph to your personality too.

This infographic resume template features a wide range of design elements which do an impressive job of serving as accents. It’s borderless, taking a clean approach to an otherwise filled up outline from top to bottom. You can see the huge amounts of space it gives to add important information.

As shown above, it has an impactful timeline designed to help you map out where your career has taken you over the years. Oftentimes, visually depicting your work experience can work wonders in the eyes of potential employers.

You can tweak the charts, change the languages section to something different, or use a qr code generator and personalize it to the degree of your choosing.

Try to list some interests that are somewhat relevant to your career if possible. Above, you can also see the international experience infographic, ready to be customized to fit your background. You’ll find multiple maps in the images folder of the download pack. Choose one to capture the look you’re going for.


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