“Land that dream job” is used way too often. Let’s go with: Get ready to get hired. Villard is one of our featured resume templates, for obvious reasons. It’s undeniably one of the few designs that’s unmatched visually. 100% for Microsoft Word. It’s a two-pager, but you can use only 1 if you want.

Villard is impressive mainly because instead of only using chunks of text, it uses infographics to accomplish a similar objective in a much more creative way. As you can see, we added a column to the left of the work experience section specifically formatted for company logos.

Fill in the career timeline as much as you want, and choose from the variety of icons in the download pack. Add in your favorite photo and word will automatically resize it to the preset picture shown in the pics. Then plug in your information.

Extend the professional skill graphs by pulling them further to the right. Do this after you plug in each of you key skills, of course. Sift through templicate’s extensive sample library for ideas.

Test out different logos and adjust the data for the pie charts till you’re satisfied.

Play around with the embedded QR code. Follow the attached guide to find out how to generate a new one. Or remove it and put in your own logo is you want. Whatever’s clever.

Key in your references. Take your pick from the massive amount of social media icons that come with.


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