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Resumes aren’t all about describing your key accomplishments and work experiences, moreover they must make an impactful representation of your personality on employers.

With Vona, the border-less tables with inspired logos reveal a bold and confident temperament.

Setup the table properties by setting the vertical alignment of each cell, choosing decorations you prefer, and graphics that match your communication skills, among other qualifications.



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1 month ago
kerry j


As is evident from viewing other peoples’ resumes — 1 page! Second it gives me more room to put accomplishments & skills that aren’t immediately related tot he job (ie: volunteering at an orphanage).

2 months ago
craig e


It’s very clean, a pleasure to look at (I’m sure most employers like clean stuff :)), and it’s optimised for ATS (ATS systems). I’d like to ask you for a quick critique, on how to improve it even more. A few points of the resume:- I think it’s cleaner than before.

4 months ago
gregory s


It saves me vertically thousands (actually over 7000) characters which is exactly what i needed. –Secondly it allows you to fit more onto one page unlike most where each section can be purely either text or 1-2 pictures depending on how old your resumes are supposed have been.

4 months ago
dangelo h


It’s super easy to manage individual “sections” or things in your experience section; you don’t have go searching through an uncountable amount ( word sections breaking up thousands/millions worth words into smaller segments before finally arriving at something relevant as each job references exactly one category so far.

5 months ago
emily r


The first and foremost is the way it emphasizes my last name. Since I go by both Damon and Driz, I went with a one page version without listing my middle name (only Damon). It also makes the resume stand-out, and isn’t hiding anything.

1 year ago
denise g


It looks clean – I used an infographic design program to make my resume, and it turned out really clean and modern looking, which is a welcome change from many of the typical designs we see.