Success is the result of dedication, hard work, follow-through, and having a resume that blows away the competition. Vulpine was created in word using core-functional formatting, proficiency based, with a great deal of focus on your key competencies.

A 3d bar chart was sized and inserted into the middle part of the body, commonly used to point out not only your customer service expertise, but listing a few quantifiable results look impressive here too:

Beginning with a short personal statement, you can hone in on what your long term career goals are, as well as a few sentences to market yourself and the things you can do:

(Vulpine is so easy to edit, all you have to is paste in your objective or summary in the first paragraph. You are free to change the headline text too)

Below you can see how word’s column function (under the page layout tab) is used to arrange your job title, employer name, and location into three even columns:

Also Great for:

  • Restaurant Managers
  • Retail positions
  • Anyone with volunteer experience
  • Executive Assistants

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