Typically, resumes created in word lack most of the trendy design elements that are present in CV’s designed in complicated graphic design programs like photoshop or illustrator. Watchful however, uses word’s regular functions to create an impressive end result.

A core-functional resume by definition needs to hone in on your core attributes as is relates to the position at hand. Since it is standard to require its formatting for roles spanning from human resources professionals to temporary jobs, it’s never a bad idea to use it.

This template puts a visual stamp on your expertise by using inserted shapes to measure your ability levels (shown below). Just click on each circle and choose the ‘add shape after’ option to fluff up each level:

A square headshot is placed in the first cell underneath its header, ready to be replaced with an professional image of you.

You can see the size of each row under the employment accomplishments section, allowing for a decent-sized  description area. Try to be as detailed as possible without boring the reader; the more brief you are, the more proficient you come off. A few action words will do the trick, while making it ATS friendly—a win-win.

Extra red bullet points are effective for language skills, or additional points you’d like to make regarding an objective for an internship, perhaps.

Helpful Tip: If you’re a veterinary assistant finishing up their undergraduate work, or a nursing student that has ongoing education perhaps, don’t forget to list a future graduation date (a month and year will suffice)… and always give a comprehensive list of honors, awards, and incomplete degrees in the appropriate spot.

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