Whitetail’s only disadvantages are its lack of description space for achievements (if you decide to keep that section of course) when you list more than six previous jobs.

It comes with a matching cover letter attached (which is optional to include).

Adjust the paragraph indents and spacing settings to a justified alignment to present your qualifications without page breaks, then select widow/orphan control to have your body text display if you don’t want to hyphenate each line.


Replace the language skills with a descriptive mission statement if you wish. You can also choose from hundreds of replacement fonts in the typography library attached.

We also included a decent list of sample hard skills, allowing you to mix and match the attributes that fit your personal profile, or the job you’ll be submitting your resume for.

Quick Tip: If you’re someone with no job experience, there’s no need to freak out. Concentrating on core competencies, your studies, or any volunteer work will do the trick. The belief in yourself can go a long way.


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