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This neatly organized 3 page set stands out because of its dark shingle patterned header along that match the section heading boxes.

By organizing the training programs you’ve attended in chronological format, it successfully creates a plentiful looking qualifications section.

You are not limited to listing only six main key strengths when you opt to go with Zarathustra. Unlimited strength areas can be added two lines at a time.


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4 weeks ago
kaitlynn f


The first is the way the double line is laid out. I always liked the way bills were usually laid out, as if they were a kind of book, with the double line being the spine. This looks really nice, and is completely different from how I usually write things.

4 weeks ago
ann f


It’s clean! No more tables or long paragraphs to fill up white space (a real pain in past resumes).

2 months ago
jack s


It is minimal. It is professional. And it helps me stand out from the crowd of competing candidates. Bonus points because it is a free template. Go figure.

3 months ago
earl l


I previously had a plain jane resume that I no longer want, I was told to get rid of it, the design is different, and it will help make the resume stand out. Also the fact that I went with a very plain format helps to hide some information. The two things I dont like are the three column format and the introduction.

4 months ago
susan p


It saves me 1000 templates to play with!, it is (I think) easier on eyes overall due not having large blocks full pages Here’s why:A lot more companies are now willing than ever before in recent times pay us what we want / fair value. So job seekers who aren’t careful can get ripped off very badly indeed!.

5 months ago
jody n


It’s simple AFinal decision was to make text white with bold titles on different colors (instead of colorizing bullet points).

5 months ago
michael b


When I updated my resume, I made sure to fix the large number of errors that had accumulated over the years.

5 months ago
winston d


It’s very clean – something that hasn’t happened yet! Secondly it uses borders to define sections instead the old fashioned table style which some people have told me looks bad in person or makes resumes hard-to read (I’ve always used borderless tables).

5 months ago
sarah d


One personal one is because it saves me from having to put thought into every little word that could potentially look bad so fast!Another reason really was just how clean & simple its design looks as well.

9 months ago
jamie h


It uses a fixed size font size (because I’m using it on a template) which in my opinion looks much better than many templates which use a size larger than Helvetica Neue. It uses a single line for the text instead of a box, which gives it a more professional look.

12 months ago
jean m


For one thing, I didn’t like that my resume was just one page, and I now know why: google docs doesnt flow right when you send it from word. I thought my old resume was pretty bad, and I hoped that by making it a single page, I could sell it better.