Smart Space Saving on Your Resume: 101…

There are different ways you can save space on your resume, including listing job duties and responsibilities that are similar to the job you’re applying for, using job titles, keywords and phrases from the job posting and including basic information about your work experience.

When employers post a job listing, they include a variety of information that could be helpful for candidates. Understanding which parts of the job description apply to you can help you tailor your resume to this application. For example, if you have a similar job title or job description in mind, you might look for keywords in the job listing or the company’s website.

Knowing which parts of the job description to highlight can help you get past applicant tracking systems. For example, if you have a similar job title or job description as an employer looks for, consider including those keywords throughout your resume. Using the right keywords can help you get past the filters so that hiring managers can see your resume.

Be sure to check for any keywords or phrases that you might have missed when you were crafting your resume. For example, if you’re applying for a software engineer position, you might consider including “Software Engineer” in your resume. If you’re applying for a software development position, you might include “Dedicated software developer” in your resume.

You want to make your resume as concise as possible, so you should consider removing any irrelevant skills or work experiences. For example, instead of listing your experience as a “Software Engineer,” focus on the specific skills you have that are relevant to the role, like developing a web-based application or creating a search engine.

A useful tip for creating your resume is to use a word processor rather than a word scanner. Most word processors have a feature that allows you to copy and paste entire sections of text. This is particularly useful when you are using Microsoft Word to create your resume, as you can copy the content of another resume and paste it into your resume to save space.

The main reason employers use word processors is so they can save time when uploading resumes. Many employers have set up their software to automatically upload resumes, so having knowledge of how to upload a resume into an employer’s system shows you’re up to speed with the software.